Rules and Regulations

Entries & Rebates               

No refunds will be issued for any entry.                

• Faxed Entries without credit card payment information will not be processed.                

• Studios with outstanding balances will not be allowed to participate.                

• All payments of entry fees must be received with the entries. Payments will NOT be accepted at events.

    All changes after the event schedule is made will be charged $5 for each change.               

• All Regional entry forms must be postmarked at least four (4) weeks prior to the competition with payment in full.                

  A 10 % late fee will be applied to entries received after the 4-week deadline.                

• Entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, and will be limited to the amount of performance time available.

There is no limit to the number of entries per studio.                 

   Only Visa, Master Card, Studio checks, money orders, or cashier checks will be accepted.

Personal checks will not be accepted. For entries postmarked after the Deadline, we will only accept Bank Checks or Money Orders.                

• Studio Rebate checks will be made payable to the Studio, and will be distributed at the competition to the Director of the Studio.               

• In order to receive a rebate, all completed entry forms must be postmarked no later than six (6) weeks prior to the

competition date. Rebates are for 10 entries or more only.                

• Completed entry forms must include the official entry form and payment in full.                

• Rebate is void if the check is returned for any reason. There is a $50 service charge for all returned checks.               

• National Competition Entries must be postmarked no later than June 1stof the respective competition season.
Types of entries are Solos (1 performer), Duet/Trio (2 or 3 performers), Small Group (4-9 performers), Large Group (10-19 performers), or Line (20 or more performers).  
Cash Awards
Cash prizes are awarded to the Dance Studio. Cash awards are only awarded in the advanced division. We reserve the right to reduce cash amounts or award Gift Certificates in lieu of cash prizes. There must be a minimum of ten (10) entries per division for cash awards to be presented at a Regional Competition. A minimum of fifteen (15) entries per division is required for cash awards to be presented at Nationals.   
High Scores  
Soloists performing in 2 or more routines will have only their Highest Scoring Solo place in the Top Overall Awards. High Score Plaques are presented in four age divisions for the primary soloists, which are: 8 and under, 9-12 yrs., 13-15 yrs., and 16-19 yrs. There are no Titles awarded to primary soloists. However, the highest scoring 8 and under competitor will receive a Future Star award.
High Score Plaques are presented in five age divisions for the advanced soloists, which are: 6 & under, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 16-19. Soloists in all advanced age divisions are in contention for title with no additional fee.  
Professional Conduct
All routines must be in good taste and manner. We expect good sportsmanship from competitors as well as parents. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will be cause for disqualification or removal from the competition. No coaching of contestants by teachers, parents, or friends is allowed. This will also be a cause for disqualification.  
Time Limits and Check In
All dancers must check in and be prepared to perform 1& 1/2 hours before their scheduled time of performance to avoid being a scratch (no show).  
The time limits are:

Solos – 3 minutes
Duet/Trio – 3 minutes
Small Groups – 3 minutes
Extended Small Groups – 5 minutes
Large Groups/Lines - 5 minutes
Extended Large Groups – 7 minutes
Fashion Modeling – 2 minutes
Production – 8 minutes
A deduction of one (1) point per thirty (30) seconds overtime will be made.  
Routines are expected to perform in the order that they are scheduled. In the event that a routine cannot dance during the section allotted for that specific award ceremony, it can perform for adjudication only.  

The maximum size of a prop should be no higher than ten feet for safety reasons. Props should be carried onto and off of the stage, please do not drag props on the dance floors. The studio itself should have prop handlers capable of setting up and taking down their own props. The maximum amount of time to set up a prop is HALF the length of the routine, i.e: if the routine is 5 minutes long, there is 2.5 minutes allotted to set up the prop. There will be a half point deduction per 30 seconds over the time limit. This is to ensure that our event will remain on schedule.
No form of liquid, powder, gel, aerosol, glitter, etc. may be used that can affect the dancing surface. If the stage is littered after your performance with feathers, confetti etc., you should be prepared to remove it immediately following the routine in an expeditious manner. Hanging backdrops and special lighting also may not be used. Fire, smoke machines, swords, knives, and use of live animals are prohibited.
Props must be loaded in and out of the competition venue on the same day that they will be used. Storing props in the wings or backstage is not allowed for safety and spatial reasons. Starstruck Dance Challenge® will not be responsible for props left overnight or unattended. All props backstage must be labeled with the studio name for identification purposes. 
Each contestant must furnish his/her own music on CD or Ipod. All music must be labeled with the studio code, routine #, song title, age group, division & category. A back up is required at check-in! Please, no scratched CDs. All CDs must contain only one song, recorded at their appropriate speed and properly cued. Song title, name of contestant, and name of dance studio must also be clearly marked on the CD. All information on CDs should be marked with a sharpie. No Labels! This can interfere with the playing of the CD.  Ipods are preferred over CDs to prevent skipping and other CD malfunctions. In the event that a CD skips during a routine in the first 20 seconds, we will ask the dancer(s) to exit the stage and allow them to perform again. However, if it is more than 20 seconds into the routine, we will not honor a second performance. This is to ensure that our event will remain on schedule. Ipods should be labeled with studio code and songs should be in competition order according to the day and number assigned. For example: All routines scheduled for Saturday should be in a playlist entitled Saturday. Within the playlist, routines should be in order such as, 201 Blackbird, 209 Smooth Criminal, etc. All routines scheduled for Sunday should be in a playlist entitled Sunday, and in scheduled order as well.
Music can be picked up at the front table at the conclusion of each presentation of awards. CD's that are not claimed at the end of the competition will be discarded. 
Acrobatic Tricks
Ballet and Pointe routines are allowed no acrobatic tricks. Partner work and lifts are not considered tricks and are allowed in these categories. A limit of two acrobatic tricks will be allowed in all other categories except Acro, Open, Character, and Pom Pon. A one (1)-point deduction per judge will be made if more than two (2) acrobatic tricks are performed in these categories. A gymnastic pass is considered 1 trick. Splits and lifts are allowed.   
Age Divisions 
Ages for Solos, Duet/Trio, and Group performances are ALL as of January 1st. Contestants will compete in the following age divisions: 6 & Under; 7-9 yrs; 10-12 yrs; 13-15 yrs; 16-19 years; 20-29 yrs & Adult. For Duets/Trios, Groups and Productions the average age determines the age group in which they perform. If the average ends in a decimal, drop the decimal. Any Duet/Trio and Group entries with a dancer 18 or older must compete in the 13 and over division regardless of the average age. For example, if the average age of a group is 11, which is junior, but there is an 18-year-old performer, it must be placed in the TEEN division. Names and birth dates of all contestants MUST appear on the entry form. Proof of age will be required to the directors if challenged. All contestants must compete in the same age category at Nationals as they did at the Regional competition. 
Performance Divisions:
Primary: For Dancers competing 2 years or less. Primary Groups/Lines must be at least 75% primary dancers. If there are any
advanced dancers the group must be placed in at least intermediate.
If a Duet/Trio has even one dancer who is intermediate or advanced, it must be entered into the intermediate or advanced division.

For dancers competing 2-4 years. Intermediate Groups/Lines must be comprised of at least 75% intermediate
or below dancers.

Advanced: For Dancers competing 4 or more years. Cash awards and Title is awarded in the advanced division only.

Pro-Am: For Groups/Lines in which a Teacher(s) are competing with students. Teachers may not compete in any other division. Teachers may not compete in Solo or Duet/Trios. A teacher is a person who choreographs and conducts class that is 20 years or older.  
* The judges may move routines that are under-placed.  

All judges’ decisions are final. The judges reserve the right to move a routine that is under-placed.
Each performance will be judged according to the following:
1.) Technique - 40 points total

2.) Execution - 25 points total

3.) Choreography - 20 points total

4.) Musicality - 10 points total

5.) Costume - 5 points total
*The maximum amount of points per judge is 100.  
Acrobatic/Gymnastics Dance:
Routines that consists of gymnastic passes, walkovers, limbers, aerials, etc.

Routines that must include classical ballet technique. Ballet slippers only. A combination of Ballet slippers and Pointe Shoes may be worn in Large Group/Production Routines only.  Character:
Routines portraying a character from any Broadway show, movie, musical, etc. Can incorporate any form of dance or acrobatics.

Cheerleading/Drill Team/Pom:
Routines must use cheerleading and/or drill team technique. Each routine must consist of leaps, jumps and vocal cheering. Pom routines must include the use of Pom-pom and cheering technique.

Routines must use clogging technique.

Routines consisting of contemporary or modern dance styles.

Drama presentation of material using acting technique. These performances should be no longer than one minute. Fashion Modeling: (Solos only)
Runway "T” style modeling, which must include modeling technique: formal, sportswear or swimwear categories are available.

Routines incorporating ethnic styles of dance.

Hip Hop:
Routines must use more than hip-hop, break dancing and street style. Only two acrobatic tricks are allowed in this division.
Routines must use jazz technique and style.

Routines emphasizing lyrical technique, utilizing the lyrics or mood of the music.

Interpretive dance, must be contemporary modern style.

Musical Theater:  
A routine featuring any style of dance "interpreting” a song from a Broadway show or movie musical. No singing is permitted.

Any routine that falls into any performance division or combination of divisions.

A routine featuring any style of dance using Lip Sync Technique. No singing is permitted.

Entries should submit either a 5” X 7” or 8” X 10” photo. Color or black & white are acceptable.

Routines that must include classical Pointe technique. Pointe shoes only.  
Pom Pon:
Routines incorporating the use of pom pons and cheerleading technique.

Routines that are a minimum of 10 dancers and no more than 8 minutes long. Any style or combination of dance styles is permitted.

Song & Dance:
Routine must contain both singing and any category of dance (tap, jazz, ballet, etc.) This division permits singing with a live microphone that we will provide. No lead vocals are permitted on CD; backup voices only will be permitted. This category will be judged on both the vocals and dancing. 
Student Choreography:
An entire routine choreographed by the student(s) performing in that routine.
Routine comprised of tap technique.

Routine may be any type of vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be on CD or ipod. No lead vocals permitted, back-up voices only.    
** The same performer(s) may not compete more than once in the same category and age division. This includes solo, duet/trio, and groups. This means that no performer should ever compete against themselves in the same age division and category. 

Title Solos (Advanced division only):
Mini Miss and Mini Mr. (Ages 6 & under), Little Miss and Little Mr. (Ages 7-9), Junior Miss and Junior Mr. (Ages 10-12), Teen Miss and Teen Mr. (Ages 13-15), Miss and Mister (Ages 16-19). All Advanced solos are eligible for the "Title". Only the Top 10 regional winners (boys and girls) from each age division are invited to the National event to compete for the National Title. Regional winners will be awarded a plaque, girls will receive a crown, and boys will receive a title jacket. Soloists must receive at least a Platinum award to be awarded Title. THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO COMPETE FOR A REGIONAL TITLE.
The selected Regional Advanced soloists will be required to participate on the "AllStar Squad" and will be given the opportunity to participate in the "Clash of the Starstruck" opening number. Title contestants will also be participating in judged classes held throughout the week. Classes offered will be Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Tap. At least 3 classes must be attended, although it is recommended to take as many classes as possible. Scores from the top two classes will be added to their final scores. Title contestants will perform their solo routines as well as model formal wear during the Title Pageant. A cash prize will be awarded to the highest scoring male or female soloist in each division.    
Outstanding Costume Award:

Solo award presented to the entry who receives the highest scores based on design, overall impression, fit, etc. in the

12 & under age division and the 13 & over age division. One award will be presented to the best Duet/Trio, Group/Line

Costume. All ages will compete against each other for this award.

**Note: You may register for this award on the day of competition if you did not do so in advance. All entries in the

costume contest will be judged during the performance of their routine. There will not be a special presentation of

costume contestants. Make sure to enter the costume competition at least ½ hour prior to your performance. 
Solo Photogenic Award:

Award to be presented to the solo contestant judged most photogenic in the 12 & under age division, and in the 13 & over age division. Entrants must send a recent 5” x 7” or 8” x 10” in black and white or color with the official entry form.Please write name, age, and studio, on the back of the photo. Only one photo per entry. Photos will be returned on day of competition, but contestants will be responsible for obtaining their photo on that day. Starstruck Dance Challenge® is not responsible for loss or damage to any photograph submitted. You may enter the Photogenic Contest on the day of the Competition.

Medals & Trophies:

Medals that will be awarded are: (highest to lowest respectively) Superior, Top Elite, Elite, Double Platinum, and Platinum.

Awards are based on composite scores and NOT on placement within age group; therefore, there could be several Elite winners within one age group in a category. 1st Place in the category will receive a trophy. If there is a single entry in each of the divisions, it must achieve at least the second highest medal awarded to the division respectively. Ie: In advanced, the highest medal is the Superior medal, the entry must achieve at least a Top Elite to be awarded a first place Trophy. 

This is awarded to the highest scoring group routine in the 12 & under, and 13 & over divisions. The winner will receive the StarStruck Cup and "free" entry (no charge) into the StarStruck s Dance Challenge®"National Finals". At Nationals, the StarStruck Cup will be awarded to the winners in the "Clash of the Stars”. (Certificates can not be combined for the same National Competition Event and is capped at $500)
The Face of STARSTRUCK®               
Complimentary trip for two to New York City
                • 3 day, 2 night stay at a beautiful hotel
                • Professional hair and makeup artist
                • Photo shoot with a professional photographer
                • Complimentary dinner with the Starstruck team
                • Customized Starstruck gear
                • Your face featured in Starstruck artwork  
The winner and one guardian over the age of 18 will receive a complimentary trip to New York City where they will stay in a beautiful hotel for three days and two nights.
The morning of the photo shoot, the winner will have their hair and makeup done at a professional salon.
Following the shoot, the winner and their guardian will be invited to a family dinner with the Starstruck team.
The winner will receive customized Starstruck gear, and have their photos featured in our artwork.
Rules and Requirements:

Each participant must apply to become "The Face of Starstruck” on an official entry form with the fee either before,or at the competition they attend.

It is required for each participant to mail in a 5X8 headshot and a short paragraph (100 words or more), explaining why they should be the new face of Starstruck Dance Challenge®


• Videotaping and Photography is strictly prohibited. Failure to follow this rule may result in a 1-point deduction to the act
being recorded and/or photographed. It is the responsibility of the dance studio to enforce and inform all students and
parents of this rule.                
• The Judges decisions are final.                
• By entering a Starstruck Dance Challenge® competition, participants (I.e., dancers, Studio Owners, choreographers,
parents) give their permission to use their photographs, videos, and/or likeness in any promotional efforts without
• Starstruck Dance Challenge® reserves the right to refuse any entry at any time.                
• No additional sound equipment or microphones may be used or connected to the Starstruck Dance Challenge® sounds
system. Starstruck Dance Challenge® will provide two (2) wireless microphones at each regional.                
• Starstruck Dance Challenge® reserves the right to change venues.                
• Any performer competing in a dance competition takes certain implied risks. These risks include, but are not limited to
sprains, bruise, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks
by performers. Therefore, it is agreed that participants will not hold Starstruck Dance Challenge® or its directors, staff, or
employees responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted while participating in any activity related to Starstruck
Dance Challenge®. Starstruck Dance Challenge® and the competition venue are not responsible for personal injury to
either participants or spectators. Starstruck Dance Challenge® is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Do not leave
your property and valuables unattended in the theater or dressing rooms.                
• We reserve the right to add additional competition days, or move the location of the competition due to unanticipated
circumstances. We also reserve the right to cancel any event that does not meet the minimal number of acceptable
entries. In the event this should occur, all fees will be credited. However, NO credits will be given after the minimum
number of entries has been received and the competition is confirmed.                 
• Running in front of the judges’ table or approaching the panel of judges is also not allowed.                
• Special stage or house lighting will not be provided for any performance.


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